Virtual Gallery South 2021

Virtual Gallery South - creative business online showcase.

If you’re finding it hard to tell more people about your creative work during the Pandemic, then we have created a digital gallery, to display your artwork, animations, designs, music and more, called the ‘Virtual Gallery South’.

Check in regularly to see what’s new in the gallery from Southampton creatives.

Abbie Hills, Dazey Hills Company Director and Talent Scout.

Abbie Hills, Dazey Hills Company Director and Talent Scout.

The Dazey Hills Company is a talent agency and production company focusing on mentoring emerging Talent and helping them find work within the industry. As well as representing actors, we also do headshot sessions, fashion shoots, script editing and showreel editing. We love to hear from new Talent and help them move forward in their career. 

  • 'Texas Radio' Production by Dazey Hills Company.
  • The Dazey Hills Company.
Gullu Kandrou

Gullu Kandrou – Visual Artist

My name is Gullu Kandrou and I am an interdisciplinary artist, who graduated from Solent University during the pandemic.

Being a disabled/ neurodivergent, second-generation immigrant, womxn of colour, my work is often imbued with the differences I faced growing up. I often want to highlight and give voice to those experiences through the exploration of memory, emotion, betrayal, loneliness and the body in my work. Working through past traumas and reaching a state of catharsis through it.

My body positivity work aims to bring people from all kinds of backgrounds together and show them that diversity is the very thing that makes us thrive, and is a beautiful entity that we are honoured to have among us; especially when people try to use it to break us apart.

I create prints, and digital downloads, for people to embrace their differences, and their bodies as they are, on my online shop at: . I’ll be in 5 exhibitions this year and will be releasing limited edition prints to go alongside them, so definitely look out for that!

You can follow along my journey @gullukandrouart or at my website (see below)

  • 'Would you' by Gullu Kandrou
  • 'Theyre kind of an absent presence' by Gullu Kandrou
  • Gullu Kandrou
  • Gullu Kandrou
  • Gullu Kandrou
  • 'Autism' by Gullu Kandrou

Joe Bailey – Managing Director, Galexia Creative Agency Ltd

“My name’s Joe. I’ve been building websites since the age of 10 and slowly honed in my skills. During my time at university, I found great pleasure in freelancing and eventually set-up my own business; Galexia Creative Agency Ltd.

Southampton was the perfect place to launch such an agency due to the diversity of small businesses in and around the area. There are plenty of opportunities to grow and also to network with likeminded people.”

Art by Katie Moritz.

Katie Moritz – Fine Artist

Katie Moritz is a local artist from Locks Heath who loves to create expressive, joyful art, bursting with colour. She depicts the places she’s visited in a range of media, including digital, acrylic, monoprint and mixed media. She’s exhibited around London and Hampshire.

Katie also has her own business, ‘Joy Factory’ and provides branding, marketing and training for businesses and charities. In fact, she made this website!

'Winter Sunset' by Katie Moritz.
‘Winter Sunset’ by Katie Moritz.
Rachel Kehoe, from Petal & Bud Floristry

Rachel Kehoe, Petal & Bud Floristry

Hi, I’m Rachel!  I’m an independent florist working from my home in Botley, delivering subscription flowers and gift bouquets in the local area.  My speciality is British flowers and eco-friendly floristry. Over 90% of flowers bought in the UK are imported from overseas, and there is a huge amount of single-use plastic in the floristry industry – these are two facts that I’m passionate about changing with my business!

My day job is working as an engineer in a factory, so floristry makes quite a change and keeps me busy at the weekends!  I believe flowers are the perfect way to tell a loved one you’re thinking of them, especially if you can’t visit them yourself in lockdown; or maybe they’re just a great way to treat yourself and brighten up your home.  I love using my creative skills to put together a beautiful bouquet, and seeing the smile on someone’s face when they open the door to a delivery of gorgeous seasonal blooms.

  • Bouquets from Petal & Bud Floristry
  • Bouquets from Petal & Bud Floristry
  • Bouquets from Petal & Bud Floristry
  • Bouquets from Petal & Bud Floristry
  • Bouquets from Petal & Bud Floristry
Chris Hawley, Artistic Director, BlackBox Theatre Company

Chris Hawley – Artistic Director, BlackBox Theatre Company

BlackBox are one of The South’s leading professional touring companies often visiting smaller venues and rural communities in and around Hampshire with their highly acclaimed shows.  This Summer they will be on the road with an outdoor production of Noel Coward’s comedy masterpiece, Blithe Spirit.

Charles Condomine, a successful novelist, has had two wives – one is most certainly living and the other is most certainly dead!  However, after a rather eventful séance held by the eccentric Madame Arcati, the ghost of his temperamental first wife has come to visit, much to the consternation of the current Mrs Condomine.  Two wives, ‘living’ under the same roof?  What could possibly go wrong?

“I urge everyone to go and see one of the shows on their tour – you won’t be disappointed”

Blithe Spirit, Summer 2021

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