Free Mentoring

Mentoring is a supportive relationship, guiding you through a learning or developmental journey.

What will mentoring be like?

We want to provide you with an objective perspective on you as the owner and also your business through discussion, with the emphasis on the mentor sharing their own experience (of both failures and successes) and using this to guide the progress of the mentee.

This will allow you to retain control and ownership of your business venture whilst benefitting from the friendly, unbiased support and guidance provided by an experienced creative entrepreneur.

Your mentor wants to provide honest constructive feedback, acting as a sounding board for your ideas and even to play ‘Devil’s Advocate’, where this is useful, to test out business ideas.

In addition, working with a mentor can often provide you contacts and networks to further your own personal and business development, give you ideas to inspire you to realise their potential, as well getting as honest and focused feedback and ongoing support and encouragement.

Please note that mentors will not:

Our mentors will not give advice for the reasons stated above. Neither can they provide either a counselling or training service (although Creative Growth South provides both networking and training opportunities as part of the overall service offered).

And of course, although the mentor will be happy to explore obstacles to success as well as ideas for growth and development, they cannot take responsibility for your business.

Am I eligible to apply?

This mentoring service is designed to assist creative entrepreneurs who are running a business (or creative social enterprise) within South Hampshire, are already trading and broadly are turning over £16k pa or more already (although this is not essential.)

This criteria is intended to focus the limited support resource on where we think it will be most effective. However, it is not set in stone, so if you think your creative business would benefit from our support we would encourage you to get in touch and make the case!

Nicky Curtis – Business Mentor

Nicky Curtis has a practical grasp of the pressures small businesses face, and the constraints of public sector working – from the inside. Having started her own business in her 20s she has a varied and hands on background.

Nicky has spent the last 10 years developing the local agency – Solent Creatives. Her skill and passion for developing creative businesses in the local area are a great asset to Creative Growth South.

Nicky has been the mentor I have been looking for since I started Joy Factory in 2013. I wanted a ‘Deborah Meaden’ type mentor, who would challenge me, was successful and brave but also was kind and passionate. I told Nicky she was this match I’d been looking for and she was worried at first, but I assured her this was a compliment!

In less than 6 months, after relocating to a new area after 20 years, I have more clients than I have ever had at once, doing work that I want to do, for a price that I deserve. Nicky has not only given me great advice and reflected back my business plans and helped me refine them, but has connected me to great individuals and networks that have become partners and clients.

She is warm, proactive and massively knowledgeable and I love meeting with her.

– Katie Moritz, the Joy Factory.

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