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‘My Pottery’, Jerzy Mazur.

Jerzy Mazur

Jerzy, Mazur, ‘My Pottery’

If you visit the first floor in the Marlands Centre, Southampton, (Food Unit 8) you will find a delightful surprise.  Tucked away in the corner is the Studio Pottery that provides the perfect activity venue for you to create something unique from a wide range of ceramics and if you don’t want to try your hand on the potters wheel you can buy a piece of pottery made by the owner Jerzy Mazur.

My Pottery provides pottery painting fun in Southampton for all ages. It’s the perfect activity venue to create something unique from their wide range of ceramics. Bisque ware is light, unpainted pottery that has been pre-fired, ready to decorate. You can choose from plates to plaques, tiles to teapots, and cups to cats; they have them all!

My Pottery, in Southampton.
My Pottery, in Southampton.

Jerzy has been an active member of Creative Growth South and although he has been in business for 10 years, he still values the mentoring support and networking with other creatives in the city.

Time for any small business is the major challenge and Jerzy is no different. He was running his business and on top of the day job was considering innovative ways to increase the number of courses at the pottery.

He sought the support of a mentor from the programme to help him stay on track and address some of his marketing and digital issues as well as advice around the legal and accounting restructure of his business.

Legal and restructuring sorted, he started to work with another creative business in the network, Katie Moritz from the Joy Factory, who had recently relocated to Hampshire and was relaunching her business.

She was the perfect match for Jerzy, as she supports businesses who want to develop their digital and web skills so they can do the work themselves, rather than employ an outside agency, and this was the type of support he was looking for.

Fast forward to COVID-19, and the pottery is temporarily closed. Jerzy applied for a grant through Southampton City Council that was swiftly paid with ease, to help him through this lean period. The benefits of course, it has provided him with a precious resource ‘time’ and he is focusing on his business strategy.

He looks forward to opening the shop where again we can all browse his pottery or attend a class and try our hand at throwing some clay.

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